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Original Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Stainless Razor Blade Double Edge Shaving Razor Blades For Men Face Care Classical Stainless

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  • Description

    Gillette 7 hours super stainless razor

    Gillette has been shaving and renewing since 1901, when King C Gillette first recognized the revolutionary idea of ​​a disposable blade. With double-edged safety razor blades, you can go back to basics – the blades are so thin and strong that they were deemed impossible to shape by myth-trained scientists when the king first brought his idea to them. Gillette 7 hours super stainless double edge razor, try green.

    These blades fit all standard safety razors. Made of stainless steel for durability and rust resistance. They wear well in a wet environment (a spot with a “wet” shave spot). There is no need to sharpen or sharpen this blade, you just need to throw it in a shaver and open a fresh one to make your shave smooth and not irritated.

    Gillette offers several different 7 clock blades in various colored boxes (black, blue, yellow) produced worldwide. These 7 hour super stainless steel blades come in a green box. St. Made in St. Petersburg, Russia, they are an aggressive way option middle.

    Made in Russia.

    High quality stainless steel.

    Comfortable shave.

    It is recommended for beginners as they are not aggressive and they are proactive.

    Geleneksel çift kenarlı jilet.

    St. Made of stainless steel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    Fits all standard razors.

    Because the packaging of Gillette products changes frequently, we cannot guarantee that the packaging of the product you receive is exactly the same as the picture. Thank you for your understanding.

    Special reminder: different batches of products, the packaging will be different, if you mind, please do not order. Thank you for your understanding

    Gillette 7 O’Clock Double Edge Razor, designed to remove even the shortest hairs in one go, is made of stainless steel.

    Compatible with all double-sided conventional shavers

    Things to Consider When Using Razors in Shaving

    Wrong Razor Selection. Choosing the right blade razor is one of the most important factors. …
    Do Not Apply Razors When Your Skin Is Dry. Another Rule to be aware of is that you do not apply razor blades when your skin is dry. …
    Don’t Forget To Moisturize After Razor. …
    You Need To Get From The Exit Direction Of The Hair.

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